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It is possible to perform a Search on the basis of one or more names of societies.
This allows to verify the filings and the relative patents family of the principal competitors.
Additionally it is possible to verify the Status Vitae to check if patents or patent applications are still alive.
Further is possible to perform a Search on the basis of subject matter (Searches of State of the Art) to appraise the relative state of the art to a determined sector or specific matter.

Making a search of novelty by means of Italian, Community and International data bases it is possible to verify if have already been deposited similar marks to what would be liked to register.
They are also possible periodic searches in order to verify that there are no attempts of registration of similar marks related to the classes of registered products and services.

On the base of one or more patents or patent applications (from You furnished or found by a patent search) it is possible to furnish a written opinion about an eventual interference with possible Your realizations.
It is also alternatively possible to check if a product of a competitor is in interference with a yours realization