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An invention is a technical solution to a technical problem.
Not necessarily it has to be a revolutionary product or process.
In fact most of patented inventions are improving of existing products or processes.
It is possible to protect an invention filing a patent application.
A patent is a legal document which gives to the owner a right to stop who without permission use the patented product and/or process.

The difference between an invention and an utility model filed in Italy is mainly the maximum life of 20 years instead of 10 years, and also that it is not possible to file an utility model in order to protect a process.

A further advantage of each Industrial Property Right is to confer a strong contractual and commercial power to the owner.
This because the right of production, marketing and sale can be given in license to a third society under the payment of a royalty.
Further, a license can be sold for foreign markets in which there is not a great interest.
Inventions and utility models are useful in order to enforce the sales also in foreign markets.
In such way the costs of design and research and development can be quickly repaid.