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DESIGN (Italian Design and Community Design )
A Registered Italian or Community design applications allows to protect the "external" aspect of a determined product or part of it, resulting from the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture, materials and/or its ornamentation.
It is an Industrial Property Right which substantially protect the Design of a product or of a series of products that are in the same category.
A product can be any industrial or handicraft item including packaging, graphic symbols and typographic typefaces but excluding computer programs. It also includes products that are composed of multiple components, which may be disassembled and reassembled.
The community Design confers a protection in Italy and also in all the contracting states of the European Community, and it is also cheaper.
Italian and Community Design can give a protection for 25 years from the date of filing.

ADVANTAGES (Titled Rights)
A further advantage of each Industrial Property Right is to confer a strong contractual and commercial power to the owner.
This because the right of production, marketing and sale can be given in license to a third society under the payment of a royalty.
Further, a license can be sold for foreign markets in which there is not a great interest.
Designs are useful in order to enforce the marketing and sales also in foreign markets.
In such way the costs of design and research and development can be quickly repaid.